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a film by Michaël R. Roskam

design: Amira Daoudi

animation poster: Seeing the Brick

movie posters - design by amira daoudi

expo from film to poster - by amira daoudi

you weren't there yet, a film by maarten van den abeele - branding identity

cafard, a film by jan bultheel - gaphic design & storyboarding

blue bird, a film by gust van den berghe - branding identity

tondo - branding identity

N, a film by peter krüger - branding identity

rundskop, a film by michaël r roskam - branding identity

cinema galleries - corporate identity

brussels mode parcours 2014 - corporate identity

the word magazine - publication

cafe dk - branding identity

tom van avermaet - design

grand café muntpunt - branding identity

focus - instant movie posters

the gp summit - corporate identity

fff - design

a la française - design

invitation cards - design

time lex - design

invers invest - design

santa clara - corporate design

award - design from europe

movie posters - spotted

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