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by KVS & VUB

Scientists and artists are the visionaries of society - they stick their necks out. Once again KVS and the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) organise Mindblowers and give the stage over to their voices and heartbeats. To be expected: Performances at the crossroads of art, culture and reflection. 

This year Mindblowers will be inaugurated by Benjamin Dalle, Flemish Minister of Brussels, Youth and Media.

This, our fourth, edition, with beauty as its theme, will be even more surprising than previous editions. Not least because of the strange times we find ourselves in … What is beauty? What do we find beautiful, and how can beauty influence and improve our lives? Thierry Boutemy’s Garden of Eden and Jean Paul van Bendegem’s exploration of Pythagoras’ theorem on the piano are but two of the highlights in this not-to-be-missed event.

Not only will everything be taking place on the outdoor square behind KVS, but this year’s academics and artists will more than ever test the edges of their practice and challenge you, the audience. Tasting, smelling, hearing, seeing – all your senses will be stimulated.

Speakers / artists 

  • Professor and Expert in drugs and pharmacology Ilse Smolders transports you to the world of the ethical brain, beauty, pleasure and art.

  • Professor of social sciences Free De Backer and artist-researcher Peter de Cupere discuss the idea and meaning of beauty.

  • Graphic and poster designer Amira Daoudi talks about what beauty means for her, and how it defines her life.

  • Philosopher and professor Laurent de Sutter and artist Koen Vanmechelen discuss the political, the strange, and (post-)corona society.

  • Dancer and choreographer Yassin Mrabtifi investigates the beauty of the dancing body versus the city.

  • Professor Jean Paul Van Bendegem (no less!) unravels the secrets of Pythagoras’ theorem… on the piano. 

  • Belgium’s national slam champion Lisette Ma Neza turns dense topics into poetry, raising awareness and proposing solutions.

movie posters - design by amira daoudi

expo from film to poster - by amira daoudi

you weren't there yet, a film by maarten van den abeele - branding identity

cafard, a film by jan bultheel - gaphic design & storyboarding

blue bird, a film by gust van den berghe - branding identity

tondo - branding identity

N, a film by peter krüger - branding identity

rundskop, a film by michaël r roskam - branding identity

cinema galleries - corporate identity

brussels mode parcours 2014 - corporate identity

the word magazine - publication

cafe dk - branding identity

tom van avermaet - design

grand café muntpunt - branding identity

focus - instant movie posters

the gp summit - corporate identity

fff - design

a la française - design

invitation cards - design

time lex - design

invers invest - design

santa clara - corporate design

award - design from europe

movie posters - spotted

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