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MAPping Brussels

KVS & Mestizo Arts Platform production

By and with Isabel Burr Raty, Amira Daoudi, Didier De Neck, Roland Dumbi-Kabangu, Junior Mthombeni, Gerardo Salinas, Omar Semati, Angela Tillieu Olodo, Benjamin Vandewalle, Pitcho Womba Konga Galafronie Didier De Neck, Marianne Hansé, Ditte Van Brempt Pianofabriek Citylab Harry Sacré, Samira Hmouda, Angela Tillieu Olodo KVS Donald Berlanger, Laurence De Lafontaine, Heidi Ehrhart, Inge Floré, Lien Stas, Max Stuurman Technische productieleiding Lieven Symaeys Productieleiding Nadia El Mahi Video Delphine Somers Audioguide editing Angela Tillieu Olodo, Max Stuurman Met bijzondere dank aan Raphaël Anton Irisarri, Céline Callens, Yousra Dahry, Dragan, Caroline Dujardin, Leila Duquaine, Noor Floré, Chaib Idrissi, Ramia Maliki, Enrique Noviello, Dominique Page, Evangelos Rassos, Niño Man, Zakaria Harrak Semati, Babette Vergauwen en Vanhout-Besix Red ‘The Cosmopolitan’, Begijnhofkerk Brussel, BNA-BBOT, Tropicana.


The city does not exist. The city is an entity made out of performances that are acted every day by roughly the same people who do – or don’t do – more or less the same things. Every performer constantly creates and recreates the city. As performers, we ascribe a meaning to this stage known as ‘the city’. If we all decide to leave the set, then the city becomes a different physical and mental space.


In MAPping, we uncover the traces of unusual users: Isabel, Pitcho, Amira, Roland, Benjamin, Omar and Didier. All of them artists from Brussels. They are makers, coming from a broad array of different disciplines, from different artistic circles, and from multiple generations. This comes with its consequences. They create a sensory performance to experience Brussels in the way they personally do. Along with them, we discover and rediscover the connective tissue of the city: without pretention, without sensation, but with warmth and feeling. The artists map their city, their home, each on his or her own way. Let’s stroll with them through Brussels, through their lives and stories.

For MAPping Brussels, Amira Daoudi researched the meaning of one of Brussels’ iconic symbols, namely the angel. The archangel Michael is the protector of the city. The depiction of angels is deeply rooted in human memory. The angel both cryptic and polymorphic; as a man or as a woman, as a child or as an adult, is also a moral symbol of goodness and protector against evil. What do the angels in Brussels speak to us? What perceptible voice or sound was previously considered divine? What makes us want to portray angels for so long? Why is their innocence so attractive? In MAPping, the angel becomes a metaphor of the city. The angel was wounded, but saved and helped by mankind.

This angel, who watches over us, has been transformed by Amira into a moving tableau, and a logo design translated on various media including the map of the trail.

Picture by © Lieven Symaeys

movie posters - design by amira daoudi

expo from film to poster - by amira daoudi

you weren't there yet, a film by maarten van den abeele - branding identity

cafard, a film by jan bultheel - gaphic design & storyboarding

blue bird, a film by gust van den berghe - branding identity

tondo - branding identity

N, a film by peter krüger - branding identity

rundskop, a film by michaël r roskam - branding identity

cinema galleries - corporate identity

brussels mode parcours 2014 - corporate identity

the word magazine - publication

cafe dk - branding identity

tom van avermaet - design

grand café muntpunt - branding identity

focus - instant movie posters

the gp summit - corporate identity

fff - design

a la française - design

invitation cards - design

time lex - design

invers invest - design

santa clara - corporate design

award - design from europe

movie posters - spotted

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